When facing high-stakes securities litigation, clients value The Brattle Group’s credibility, efficiency, creativity, and network of leading experts.

Brattle has extensive experience supporting clients across all phases of Rule 10b-5, Section 11, and Section 12 securities litigation. Our experts provide preliminary assessments of potential exposure, materiality, and class certification; thorough investigations; liability analyses; damages calculations; expert reports and testimony. We also support mediation and settlement negotiations.

In the early phases of securities class actions, we work closely with our clients to assess the case’s merits. Clients value our expertise in constructing counterfactuals, assessing market efficiency, analyzing evidence of price impact and loss causation, and understanding the extent of heterogeneity among class members when determining class certification. Approaching each engagement with a thoughtful and creative mindset helps to ensure that we consider all aspects of the case, and that the framework used to estimate damages is transparent and accurate.

We also leverage advanced data analytics techniques and robust valuation frameworks in our analyses. By considering each case’s unique characteristics, we are able to identify the most credible method to quantify damages. We have successfully applied these techniques in several high-stakes litigations, where we analyzed large volumes of transaction records and fragmented and unstructured financial data to understand the extent of the alleged fraud.

Our Focus:
  • Accounting liability
  • Assessing damages for Rule 10b-5, Section 11, and Section 12
  • Class certification
  • Confounding factor analysis and loss causation
  • Counterfactual analysis
  • Digital asset and alternative securities investments
  • Event studies (including use of high-frequency market data)
  • Fundamental valuation analysis
  • Market efficiency and trading behavior
  • Materiality analysis of misleading/false statements and omissions
  • Tracing of shares (using LIFO/FIFO methods and trading models)

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Torben Voetmann
  • Principal

  • San Francisco

Dr. Voetmann focuses on cases that involve complex economic and financial issues. He has worked with clients and experts on securities cases and valuation disputes related to capital markets and financial institutions.

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