Clients rely upon experts at The Brattle Group to solve their most challenging problems. Our experts offer sophisticated capabilities in economic modeling, econometrics, and financial analysis, and we have appeared before courts, governments, and arbitration panels around the world.

Litigation and Finance Expertise

Financial institutions worldwide call upon Brattle when faced with litigation and regulatory matters concerning securities, valuation of business opportunities, profitability, tax issues, cost of capital, and accounting matters. We advise on disclosure policies, capital requirements, due diligence, and structured finance, as well as the financial implications of mergers and corporate restructuring.

Our deep institutional knowledge of matters related to antitrust and intellectual property, for both regulated and non-regulated industries, has allowed us to work on some of the biggest global cases over the last several decades. We are experienced in mergers and acquisitions, and in cases involving allegations of price fixing and collusion, monopolization, and other anticompetitive practices. Clients also call upon us for our in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications, transportation, and pharmaceuticals markets, as well as our expertise in environmental litigation and international arbitration.

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Energy Focus

We assist electric utilities, deregulated power producers, customers, regulators, and policy-makers from around the globe with planning, regulation, and litigation efforts in the electric, natural gas, and petroleum industries. We provide clients with expert testimony and advice in regulatory and legal matters on pricing, cost recovery, access, asset valuation, financial modeling, and market power. We also assist in planning corporate strategy and managing risk assessments.

Our experts have experience in the the regulatory policies of liberalized energy markets as well as in the regulation of vertically integrated utilities, and energy industry segments such as gas and oil pipelines and power generation, transmission, and distribution. We combine regulatory policy expertise with financial and accounting skills, in-depth industry experience, and familiarity with a diverse set of regulatory jurisdictions in North America, Europe, and Asia to help clients anticipate regulatory change, comply with existing regulations, and manage the challenges and opportunities of changing markets and regulatory environments.

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